The Single Page Website

The best choice for viewing on mobile devices. Users don’t have to hunt for page links they just scroll down the page. Lazy Load technology keeps the site loading content just-in-time without delays.

While this type of site has much of the same content as a multi-page site, it’s displayed differently. The information flows in a logical sequence, like a story, leading and educating the customer.

As the page tends to be longer than a typical website page, we keep the load times fast by using a Lazy Load technology. This means that content only displays to the user as they scroll so the viewer experiences no lag or wait time for information as they go.
Starting at $349



The initial design and layout will be based on the Theme selected for the site. Minor changes to the theme such as placements and color choices etc. are usually possible at no extra charge.


During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for your site. SEO is a large and complex subject but it’s important that the base site be built with the fundamentals of SEO right from the start.

Getting Started

Start collecting your thoughts, images and text that support your business’s products, story and message. Starting finding materials or images you’ll need. Take pictures of your store, products and customers. Collect testimonials.

Start randomly at first then plan our your site the way you want it.

Let's get started

Ready to go? Lets get the ball rolling. Buy your site today and we’ll get our first consultation started.

We’ll show you sample themes of similar businesses to spark some ideas and show you how we can integrate your business into a dynamic site that reaches out to your clients.