All of our Global Star Website Themes share features


Responsive Design

Responsive-design-websitesResponsive design means your website will look great on all devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

As the device screen gets smaller, the website doesn't just shrink to a new size, it actually detects the size, and re-configures itself to display beautifully. Fonts re-size not shrink making text easy to read. Images are re-rendered, and the layout changes to work with the new sizes.


We can Build it and Maintain it for you


All our themes are designed and controlled by an easy online-interface. Yes, you're welcome to learn the interface and use it any time you wish. But as a business person, your first job is to run your business. every minute you spend working on your website is a minute you're not marketing your own business. That's why we can become your own Web department. Our team is here to build and maintain you site and keep it fresh. They've already gone thru the learning curve, and honestly, they would get work done much faster than somebody struggling to learn a new interface. It's very efficient! Just add our "Kwik-Start" design program to your order on checkout and get you site going fast.



We're SEO Pros


We're search engine optimization pros. And that's a challenge considering the SEO rules change all the time. Google has recently introduced it's latest search algorithm called "Hummingbird". These are the kind of changes we keep on top of.

Our themes are by nature SEO optimized, but the true power is in the designer. They can help push your site up in the rankings and brink new business and leads to your door. Subtle changes in how things are phrased or how tittles are written can make all the difference to your ranking. Our SEO advice can help you build effective links and not get put in the Google doghouse. So let us be your SEO experts.



Talented Artists

Website-designer-artistThere are mechanics, and then there are artists. Having a clean new vision, a sense of color design and theory, and raw talent makes an artist. But today's artist has to be part computer geek as well.

While code artists will work under the hood, the design artist leverages their their talents on top of a thorough understanding of the underlying technology. Some of the finest techno-artists create their visions as our themes.

Now, you have access to these themes at a fraction of the price of custom design.



Unlimited eMail accounts

unlimited-emaileMail is the lifeblood of most business. And having an email address with your own domain name rather than a general public address adds huge credibility to your business. You look substantial.

With Global Star Websites, you not only get your own email domain, but you get unlimited email accounts,. You can set up auto- responders, eMail forwarding, mailing lists as well.

Set up your accounts to work with any email program, or use one of our online web-mail programs to get your email from any computer any time.

And Much Much More...

website-extasYour new Global Star website is more than just a pretty face. It's pretty under the hood to with dozens of features, programs and add-ons that are yours to use - For Free!

  • Unlimited MySQl Databases
  • Bulletin Board Software
  • Online shopping carts such as zen cart
  • Customer management (Sugar CRM)
  • Drupal and Joomla CMS
  • Support ticket softwar
  • Survey software

And Much Much more