Just Hate your Website? – Need a Change?

Just can’t stand looking at your website anymore? You know your website is in need of a serious face-lift but you’re worried about the cost, or you just don’t have the time to get it done. It happens. We’re busy people. And as much as you know it’s time to revamp your website, there just […]

Can Websites Benefit from Link Building – Here’s 5 Points

I’ve looked at hundreds of company websites – why are we so bad at this? Website-SEO The big search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms to eliminate spam sites and pages, and deliver quality results when users search on a term. In-bound links continue to be a major point of reference. Think of an inbound […]

Top 5 Website Design Mistakes

Is your Website design suffering from these classic errors? The web is maturing quickly, and designs that worked just two or three years ago won’t always work today. The reason? A more sophisticated and mobile enabled user. Styles change all the time. The web is no exception. But it’s more than just new trends that […]

No Time Left for your Website? Here’s Three ways Out

Is your Website Stale and Hurting more than helping? A Solution is Easier than you may Think! When the world turned to Social media for marketing,, all hell broke lose on our time. Now instead of whipping up a print as and running it for a time, now we have to sit and design our […]

Enter Google Hummingbird – and the SEO Rules Change

We all know that the Internet and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a moving target. We were just starting to get a handle on their Panda and Penguin algorithms when whamo – they change. And these search engine changes often mean a difference to how we design and enter information on our websites. But knowing […]