Become a Global Star with our GSW Affliate Program

Make money sitting at your desk

Make $50-$100 for every new client you refer - then - make it all over again year after year when they renew


Every time a new client signs up that came from you, you put money in your pocket. It's simple and easy.

  • No work for you – just use your affiliate link
  • We do all the hosting
  • We do all the designing
  • We do all the domain handling and transfer
  • We do all the support

In fact, once your referral has signed up there's nothing for you to do but spend the money. And the great part is - you get to spend it over and over again every time the client upgrades or renews their website.

Increase photography salesOur average premium website sells for about $200 which would earn you a $50 referral. Our typical sale averages about $400 which earns you $100.

Remember, these referrals keep adding up. If you got just 5 new average customers a year for five years your income would look like this as your new referrals are added to you old ones:

  • Year 1 - $500
  • Year 2 - $1000
  • Year 3 - $1500
  • Year 4 - $2000
  • Year 5 - $2500

Income year after year

Every year you stay in the program your rewards just get bigger and bigger as your new referrals add to your existing ones. Your income keeps going up as you build your clientele.

All you need to do is get 5 bookings a year to stay in the program. That's practically nothing at all.

What you'll find is it's much easier to get new referrals the longer you stay in. Happy customers build happy customers and pretty soon you just site back and collect the cash. Remember, we do all the work. Once your referral has bought all you need to do is watch as your account balance goes up and up.

Then when you need extra money for an unexpected  expense or a trip, you just withdraw it. We'll transfer it to your Bank or Paypal account.


Build your business without expense

There's no cost to join the program. You don't have to have programming skills, or special software or anything more than a computer and an Internet connection.



You can start within minutes and start building your income right away.

Got friends in business? Talk to them.

Know some local businesses you shop at yourself? Talk to them.

Belong to an organization? Talk to the members.

An opportunity to make money exists at every turn.


We do the selling

You don't even need to know much about the product other than it exists. Once one of your referrals makes an inquiry, we handle all the sales efforts. We give them all the information they need and often we make up a demo site just for them.

When they do buy you get the credit for the sale, even if it's months after the initial contact. What can be better than that!

No expenses, no overhead, no worries. With just 30 minutes of free training your on your way to earning money.


How does it work?

It's simple. We give you everything you need.

how-does-it-workWhen you first join we give you an affiliate code number that's yours.

We also give you:

  • An affiliate link you can put on your website
  • Banners you can add to your website
  • An online control panel where you can see your income build
  • Free live training to get you going fast
  • All the support you’ll ever need
  • And if you don’t have one already – a free website to use to sell our products

We want you to succeed. It's good for you and good for us. Nothing quite like a win-win situation to make the road easy! So we'll be there each step of the way.


Start now for Free - From Anywhere

Register for a free affiliate account here. No credit card needed - 'cause it's free 🙂

start-nowBook a training session with us to learn how to log into your account, see your income and how to use the links and banners for your own site.

When a referral you made buys and stays active for 60 days, we credit your account with 25% of whatever the sale total was. The new customer might be paying monthly or annually but it doesn't matter. You get 25% every time they make a payment - month after month - year after year.

When there is a minimum of $50 in your account you can withdraw it. We transfer it to your PayPal or Bank and it's yours to spend.

As long as you make 5 sales in the first year, we will automatically renew your program for another year. Honestly 5 is nothing. In fact, as your network builds, you'll accelerate your sales and get those year after year referral payments.


Start Now - It costs nothing and you have nothing to lose

There's nothing to hold you back. All you need to do is talk to people and tell them about the great service at Global Star Websites. Then, spend the money you earn 🙂



Take the first step to extra money now 🙂

and become a Global Star