No Time Left for your Website? Here’s Three ways Out

No Time Left for your Website? Here’s Three ways Out

Is your Website Stale and Hurting more than helping?
A Solution is Easier than you may Think!

When the world turned to Social media for marketing,, all hell broke lose on our time. Now instead of whipping up a print as and running it for a time, now we have to sit and design our own website, and Facebook, and Twitter, and Linked In.. This of course is on top of running your business and trying to make some money. And if you want a personal life as well – then WOW. No wonder the burnout rate is so high.
So lets look at three ways we can solve this.

Solution 1) There’s only one thing more plentiful in this world than photographers, and that’s website designers. Finding one is as hard as yelling from your porch. So hiring a freelancer is easier than you think, and more affordable. Now I know a lot of people have an immediate “no” reflex when it comes to spending money. They say no before they think it through. I know that because I’m one of them. But finding an apprentice doesn’t need to be expensive. So let’s think it through.

Pros: Takes a load off your own work, brings new skills and talents into your company, cost effective.

Cons: Unless you’re already an up-to-date-programmer, you may not have the skills to find the right person for the job. Plus freelancers are notoriously flaky. They get busy with other projects and the next thing you know you never see them again.

Solution 2) Inexpensive or free online websites. Simply Google “free websites for photographers” and you’ll find a bunch of them. They’re not usually very good, and you still have to sit there and build them yourself, but they are affordable. But like my pappy always said, “Son, you get what you pay for in this word, now pass me the beer nuts”.

Pros: Free.

Cons: Usually not very good, and it still takes your time to design them with their online interface. That defeats the purpose, given the problem you had originally was no time. So this doesn’t really help.

Solution 3) Online Design companies that do all the work for you affordably such as Global Star Websites. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I am associated with Global Star and the reason for that is my full belief in the system they offer.

They become your in house Web department. You start by picking a theme, Send them your information and image files and sit back while they do all the work. And it’s ongoing. Websites need to be updated all the time, so you pay a small monthly fee and send them your updates. They look after the rest. Want to do it yourself anyway. Then yup. They have an online interface you can use at any time.

Pros: Affordable, time saving and totally mobile friendly. Turn around time is excellent.

Cons: Does cost money. It’s not for free. But the fees are not over the top and probably much much less than what you would pay a freelancer.

So really there’s no excuse for having a website that isn’t working for you. One way or the other you can get it done. It goes without saying how important the web is in marketing your business today. Along with Social sites they are the only marketing efforts that mean anything outside of word of mouth.

Thanks again

Kerry Allan

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