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What we do for Photographers


Today the photography business is hard. Getting new clients in the door is your #1 priority. That's why you need nothing but the best website experience for your clients.


Attractive and mobile friendly design is just the start. How the site attracts and keeps the viewers attention is the hard part and getting them there in the first place can be even harder.


So our plan was to create an affordable service for photographers that included not just the design, but the on-going job of updates and great SEO to get new clients in the door.


First and Foremost - Mobile Friendly Design




We all know the mobile world has taken over. Photographer's websites must not just fit on a small screen or a large screen, they must re-configure themselves on the fly to give the end user the best possible experience.


Flash website that were so popular just a few years ago with photographers were the first to die. They really were never very good for SEO, but they did give a "pretty" experience. It's surprising how many flash sites photographers still have to this day. If there's anything that can hurt you this is it. Google now depreciates all websites that are not mobile friendly in their rankings. Combine that with Flash and you're pretty much done.


Being mobile friendly is a good start, but there's more to it. If a viewer lands on your site, you only have a couple of seconds to capture their attention and draw them in further. Great design is everything.


A Successful Website needs more than a Website




Today, your website marketing has to be a single part of a larger plan. It must integrate and interact with your Social Media sites. That link is something Google and search engines look for when trying to establish the ranking of your site against your competitors.


But there are literally dozens of other key "signals" or factors effecting your overall placement. Everybody knows key-wording is important, but most don't really know how to employ that correctly. And it goes on from there. This is were you and our designers have to work hand-in-hand to create a successful SEO strategy.


Your Success is determined by the Neighbors you Keep




Search engines constantly strive to give companies the appropriate ranking totally dispassionately. Their job is to answer the client's query with the highest quality information they can. These "generic" rankings are the most powerful tool you can hope for in getting new clients. They're far more powerful than sponsored ads.


One of the ways they do this is to look at the sites that link to your site. If they don't find many or any, or if the sites linking to you are considered low quality then your site suffers accordingly. The key is to intentionally develop quality sites you can link with.


This is another paramount area where we have to work together and work at it all the time. Most SEO experts feel that this point alone may be the one most critical factor in your site's success.






Our Secret Recipe





SEO is one term meaning many different things. There's no magic to it really. There is a learning curve that most don't want to do, so consequently it doesn't get done in the majority of cases.


Make no mistake. NO company advertising and charging for SEO services can do the entire job by themselves. You have to participate and feed them the right information.

So it's an on-going two way street. SEO doesn't happen overnight. It's a long term strategy that builds over time. That's why we designed our packages to plan for long-term interaction.

We'll get the job done and we'll let you know what kind of information we need and when we need it. We're like a really annoying mother-in-law 🙂


The Lead Magnet - getting them is not the same as Keeping them




While getting new faces to click on your site is important, it's all wasted if you can't get them to stay and engage with your site. When people go to your site and leave soon after it's measured as a "Bounce Rate". We monitor these rates all the time and continually adjust your site to keep the bounce rate as low as it can be.


That's why on-going updates have to be a part or your success plan. Most photographers just put a site up and it largely remains unchanged for weeks or months at a time effectively killing the point of having a website at all.


SEO / Magic - Same thing




Great SEO is a moving target. Search engines constantly tweak their algorithms to prevent abusers from gaming the system.  Plus your competition is constantly tweaking their sites as well.


So SEO is an on-going process. We need to constantly monitor and report on what's going on with the site from month to month. We provide detailed monthly reports that detail exactly what's up, then we react accordingly.


So How Much then?


SEO companies alone can easily charge $100 or more per month for small sites, and considerably more for large ones.


But we know the photography business. We've been there and know that affordability is important. So we have Internet Marketing Packages starting from just $59.95/mth.


 Together we pull your Marketing efforts together and make them work


Design and SEO Packages


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Advanced SEO services 

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