Getting Website visitors to Convert to Customers is the Plan – Pt.3


When somebody visits your photography website they have a number of questions on their mind. There is nothing to gain by hiding information they need. There was a time when logic dictated that you never put all your information in an ad. You needed to give people a reason to call you. Well, part of that is still true, just not like it used to be. But hiding too much information leaves them high and dry and more likely to move on to the next vendor on their list.

You need to find a balance. Give them enough information to establish interest and confidence, but leave them a reason to call you now. Then, make that call easy.
They're going to want to know about price. While you may not want to document your entire price list, at least give them a ballpark number. Something like Weddings from $2000 might be enough. This weeds out people not prepared to pay your price, and will allow genuine leads to proceed.


Other hidden questions are things like "Where are you located" or "Do you shoot with an Assistant" or "have you ever shot at__________" and can all be answered right on your site. In fact in one of my sites I created an entire page documenting locations I'd shot at complete with images and video clips. Imagine how much confidence you're building in the clients mind as they knock off their questions one by one. You establish credibility with this information and comfort level.

And don’t worry, there’s always a reason left for them to contact you. They need to see more samples, they want to know specifics about price, and they need to know if you’re even available on that day. If you do this part right, they’ll be in touch.
Now they’ve short listed you, now you just have to make it into the final round.

And you can do that will testimonials.

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