Getting Website visitors to Convert to Customers is the Plan – Pt.1

Getting conversions is the plan – the only plan – and nothing but the plan. At least for most of us running a commercial website whose goal is to inform and attract clients.

But most operators don’t think in these terms. They feel that having a site to show off their products and services is all they need to do. It’s like a modern version of an old Yellow Pages ad.YellowPagesSlider

The Yellow Pages were great – in their day. For most people, it was a single source universally used to find new companies or suppliers. It was pretty sweet. And it worked. But today it’s pretty much gone replaced by the Internet and websites. Now the problem is getting found and getting clients when so many others are competing for your customer on a level playing field.

But let’s continue our Yellow Pages comparison for a moment. It those days if you wanted to attract more customers you simply took out a bigger ad.

They gave you a text listing for free as long as you had a business line with the phone company, but then you purchased and paid a substantial monthly fee for your display ad.

But like with all advertising, just spending the money was not enough. The ad had to work. It had to bring in the clients or it was just money down the drain. So often companies hired agencies to design professional ads for them.

So enough history. My point is simply this. You had to put in resources and effort to get your ad to work. And the same is true today. Just having a website doesn’t do it anymore. It has to be optimized to bring in the clients. For some, this may mean hiring a professional web designer, and for others it just means tweaking your site to work better.

To do this, we start with Understanding our goal and our target market and how they behave. We'll cover this in Part two next.

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