Free Webinar – Better Website SEO = Better Business

The Key to getting more Business is Better Website SEO


The web powers business today and great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to bringing in new clients.


Great SEO is both an art and a science. And to top it off it's a moving target. SEO that worked a year ago might be totally useless today. In fact, at the time of writing Google is rolling out an update to their Penguin algorithm called Version 3.0 changing the way that sites are evaluated based on their back-link profile.

Business marketing departments are constantly challenged to keep their site up in the rankings. The coveted first page of Google search is elusive and hard to maintain once you've achieved it. Every competitor you have is trying to better your spot and if you're not working on it all the time, you start to slip down the rankings.



Most compboost website trafficanies without a dedicated in-house SEO expert find themselves frustrated by their results. They're never sure what they should be doing - how often - or why.

Searching the web often just adds to the confusion. There's good and bad information and it's never clear if you're using "White-Hat" or "Black-Hat" techniques.

With this free webinar we take a look at the basic techniques you can do to get better results such as:

  • Proper Keywording
  • Image names and attributes
  • Blogging
  • Link building

So join us for the free Webinar on Search Engine Optimization and see how you can learn and administer your own White Hat SEO program and start improving the number and quality of your leads.

Wednesday Jan. 21, 2015 1PM Eastern Time

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